What Are the Best Fabrics for Surgical Hats?

Are you planning to buy some unique surgical scrubs? Or are you planning to stitch it yourself? Irrespective of these, choosing the suitable material or fabric for, say, scrub tops, gloves, or scrub hats is very crucial as you will be wearing it for hours. Moreover, if the material is not breathable enough, you will face issues, and it might also cause skin infections. Hence, it is best to know the ideal fabrics before stitching or buying a new one. And whatever your case is, you will need to know the ideal fabrics for surgical scrubs.

So read the following article and learn about various surgical hats and various suitable fabrics for medical scrubs.

Types of Surgical Hats

Before you get into the details about the fabrics, let’s look at some significant types of surgical scrub hats.

Pixie Scrub Hat

These surgical hats are designed for healthcare workers with shorter hair and feature a snug fit. As such, they don’t have much extra room, so they’re unsuitable for someone with long, heavy hair. So, if you have shorter, less dense hair, they are an excellent choice.

Ponytail Scrub Hat

These medical hats have a back opening to hold and keep long hair in place. It also allows one to keep long hair in a bag for more safety. 

Bouffant Scrub Hat

These surgical scrub hats are identical to a flattened chef’s cap or extra-large shower cap. Besides, bouffant hats allow you to safely tuck in all your hair strands if you have long or dense hair.

Top Fabric Choices for Surgical Hats

Now that you know the different types of surgical hats, it is time to discuss the top fabrics. So here is a list of all the suitable fabrics:


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric manufactured from wood pulp and chemicals. Meanwhile, the scrubs made of this material are not very durable.


One of the most popular fabric choices, cotton is truly magical when it comes to scrub fabrics. It is breezy, comfortable and highly durable.

Besides these features, this fabric shrinks when left in the dryer for a long time and is prone to wrinkles which is an unpleasant quality for a medical scrub fabric.


Linen is a very versatile and comfy fabric made from the delicate fibres of the flax plant. Moreover, its combination with cotton just multiplies its versatility. As such, linen-cotton surgical hats are light, thin, durable, and even wrinkle-resistant, and they maintain temperatures more efficiently. Hence, it can be a great choice if you are tired of the hot temperatures or sweat retention.


Polyester fabric is made of water-based synthetic material. It is exceptionally durable and shrinks lesser than its counter fabrics. Additionally, it holds up to all kinds of wear and tear and has a rapid dry quality. As a result, people widely use it in the fashion industry and also for making regular clothing apparel.

However, this fabric gets warm quickly if the temperature is high. Hence, if you work in extremely hot regions, it is not the ideal choice.

Scrub caps not only keep hair back and clean, but they help medical workers remain hygienic. It also keeps contaminants out of operating rooms and other delicate work locations, ensuring patient safety. So, make sure to buy these surgical caps from a reliable store and pick one of the above-mentioned fabrics.

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