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Teledentistry.com: Find An Emergency Dentist 24/7

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Dental emergencies can happen anytime. However, finding a dentist available outside of regular office hours can be very difficult. That’s why platforms like Teledentistry.com come in handy. Teledentistry provides an online platform to make it easy for you to find a qualified and trustworthy emergency dentist in your proximity whenever you need one. 

In this article, you will learn what dental emergencies need immediate dentist attention and where to turn to find the best dentist in case of a dental emergency. Moreover, you will also come across some additional tips for maintaining dental health. So, keep scrolling down to ponder the question, “how do I find an emergency dentist near me?”

What dental emergencies should you immediately head to dentists?

When it comes to dental health, it is important to seek prompt medical attention for any painful symptoms to avoid further damage. The following are some of the dental emergencies that require immediate attention from a dentist:

  1. Severe toothache

With a mild, tolerable toothache, you can afford to wait for some time before you see a dentist. But a severe toothache accompanied by swelling or fever may indicate an infection requiring immediate treatment. A cavity, a cracked tooth, or an abscess may cause pain. If left untreated, an infection can spread and potentially lead to severe health complications.

  1. Abscess

Among several dental emergencies, an abscess is something you won’t want to overlook at all. An abscess is a pus pocket in the gums or the tooth’s root due to bacterial infection. It is an extremely painful condition, requiring immediate attention from a dentist to prevent the infection from spreading. If an abscess goes untreated, it can cause severe damage to your health.

  1. Broken or knocked-out tooth

A broken or knocked-out tooth can be a traumatic experience. The pain and bleeding caused by the damage might be severe, demanding immediate dental care. In addition to causing pain and discomfort, a broken tooth can lead to infection if not treated promptly. As a result, you must seek medical help as soon as possible.

  1. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold 

If you discover that your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures for an extended period, it might indicate a dental problem. It is advised that you schedule an appointment with a dentist to get your teeth. The dentist can identify the cause of your tooth sensitivity and recommend appropriate medication.

  1. Severely bleeding gums

Severely bleeding gums are a serious dental emergency and require immediate attention from an emergency dentist. Bleeding gums can be a symptom of various oral health issues, such as gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, an abscess, or even a physical injury to the mouth. If you are experiencing bleeding gums that won’t stop, it is important to seek help from an emergency dentist right away. 

  1. Broken or loose teeth or fillings

Fillings and crowns protect teeth from infection and other dental issues. It will help ensure the tooth is protected from potential damage. When your crown filling falls out or is loose or broken, it is imperative to replace them with a qualified dentist as soon as possible. 

No matter what type of dental emergency you are experiencing, it is essential to seek prompt attention from an emergency dentist. Waiting too long to seek treatment can cause additional damage and worsen the situation. It is important to contact your local emergency dentist right away to prevent further damage. 

Where should you look to find the best dentist for emergencies?

Teledentistry.com is the best place to find an emergency dentist. With a huge network of emergency dentists, you are sure to find a solution for your dental emergency. Moreover, they cover Medicare and Medicaid insurance. This reduces your cost concerns.

Whether you’re dealing with a lost filling, a broken tooth, or an unbearable toothache, Teledentistry.com will assist in finding a competent and experienced emergency dentist. The website offers a wide range of services, including preventive care, pediatric dentistry, restorative treatments, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and even cosmetic procedures. 

The best part about their services is that you can consult with an experienced emergency dentist from the comfort of your home by consulting the dentist virtually. 

In addition, they provide comprehensive information about each dentist to help you decide better. You can read reviews from past patients, check credentials, and estimate expected costs before booking your appointment. It helps you to choose the right emergency dentist according to your budget and preferences. 

Tips for maintaining your dental health

Good dental health is essential for overall health; the best way to maintain it is through daily habits. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums: 

  • Remove food particles that accumulate between teeth by regular flossing.
  • Eat a balanced diet, avoiding sugary and starchy foods that cause cavities. 
  • If you wear dentures, take them out at night and brush them thoroughly before putting them back in. 
  • Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, as these habits cause gum disease and oral cancer. 
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports to protect your teeth from injury. 
  • Protect your teeth from grinding or clenching by wearing a night guard when you sleep. 
  • Be aware of any changes in your mouth, such as sores, lumps, or discoloration, and report them to your dentist right away for an evaluation. 

These simple steps can help ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong.


Emergency dental situations can take place at any moment. However, if you find yourself in a position where you cannot afford to wait for even a few hours to see a dentist, Teledentistry is all you need. With their vast network of qualified and experienced dentists across the USA, they connect you with the nearest one in only a few clicks. Not just that, they also offer preliminary virtual treatment.

So, whenever a dental emergency strikes, turn to teledentistry for prompt and reliable solutions.

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