Most Unbelievable Sports Betting Wins

Every day around the world people make bets for sporting events. The amounts can be different, just like the probability of favorable outcomes. Some try to use only proven strategies and low coefficients. Others risk crazy express trains with sky-high numbers. Sometimes fate rewards a person for taking a risk, and he gets the biggest bet wins.

The biggest sports bet win in history

The most high-profile cases when the betters still circumvented all the rules and beat the bookmaker, snatching a big bet win.

92 000 £

A Chelsea fan bet only 2 pounds on the result of 14 matches in the English Premier League championship. He could win the biggest sports bet from the bookmakers for £92,000. The initial payout was 69,000. But with a bonus for a high coefficient of 23,000 pounds, the amount increased.

511 000 $

The largest sports bet ever helped the Greek win 2 bets. He parlay on his native team, in whose sensational victory few people believed at Euro 2004. He did it before the tournament even started.

The bet on the victory of the Greeks is $ 7,300, with a coefficient of 50. After Greece reached the final of the tournament, he made another parlay to win – $ 14,600 with a coefficient of 10. Greece won and two times turned out to be winning.

125 000 £

An employee of the karting center put 100 pounds on an unknown 14-year-old boy. It was Lewis Hamilton, who said he would become a champion in Formula 1 before his 25th birthday. The biggest betting wins in this sport.

50 000 £

Residents could have tried their luck at Online Casino Nigeria, but parlayed on the Africa Cup match. In 2010, the following happened between the national teams of Angola and Mali. The Angolan national team confidently led 4-0, but at the end of the second half, an amazing four-goal comeback took place. In live mode, one player parlayed 50 pounds with a coefficient of 1000 that Mali would not lose. A miracle happened. The match ended with a score of 4-4.

29 000 £

Before the start of the Premier League season in 2016, a Leicester fan parlay 20 pounds on his team’s championship, with a coefficient of 5001. With the end of the championship approaching, John was worried about his money. He was afraid to stay, afraid to be left with nothing because of the high risks. He agreed with the bookmakers on a refund and instead of 100,000 pounds, received 29,000, which is also not bad.

118 000 £

On one weekend, it canceled the Premier League matches because of bad weather. The player bet on the European championships. An express of 14 matches in different leagues. The bid is only 40 pounds. He took with him 118,000 pounds.

500,000  £

Englishman Mick Gibbs was even more lucky. In 2001, he compiled an express of 15 football matches with an exorbitant coefficient of 1666666. Gibbs made a bet of 30 pence, but thanks to luck and correct calculation, he received 500,000 pounds. This is the largest sports bet ever.

104 928 $

A resident of Belarus, who also delivered 50 cents in 2008, was enriched similarly. The player ventured to play on the express of 14 matches of the 2010 World Cup qualification. Thanks to an incredible coincidence, the Belarusian guessed the exact score in all matches. He earned $104,928, with a coefficient of 209856. An amazing betting winner with a huge win.

25 000 £

A curious story happened to Liverpool fan Hayward Adrian in early 2006. A fan had a dream in which the club’s midfielder Xabi Alonso scored a goal from his side of the field. Impressed by the dream, the man put 200 pounds on this event with a coefficient of 125. This passed in the next match. The Spanish midfielder in the meeting with Luton hit the goal from a distance of 50 meters and brought Adrian 25,000 pounds.

Unusual biggest football bet win

An elderly resident of Wales hit the jackpot thanks to faith in his own grandson. Grandfather put 50 pounds in the local office on the fact that his relative will one day play for the national team of Wales. Despite the coefficient of 2500, grandfather was right. In 2013, a 16-year-old grandson named Harry Wilson made his Welsh debut, coming on as a substitute in a game against the Belgians.


Sports competitions have always attracted spectators and fans of all kinds of sports. The result is impossible to predict, and the struggle of characters and the desire to win sometimes works wonders. We get used to arguing with friends or colleagues about who will win in the ring or on the football field or come first to the finish line.

Sports betting is quite an exciting business, and sometimes it brings big wins. You can become a sports bet winners in some kind of sport, and know a lot about the latest trends. It will allow you to predict the outcome of specific competitions. But sometimes it crashes. A lot of factors that influence the victory come into play.

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