In the world of contact lenses

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the pupil to correct vision. They are used for both fashion and medical purposes. There are many different brands, like Acuvue Oasys, that sell contact lenses and offer various models. They also produce disposable contact lenses. 

Types of lenses

Companies use stabilizing soft moulding technology (SSM) to produce soft lenses. The seven-day extended wear lenses increased to daily wear lenses with enough research. A few types of lenses are:

i) Daily wear lenses- These are the lenses that are used and discarded on the same day. One-day moist lenses are an excellent example of this; they consist of hydrogel material. 

ii) Two-week disposable lenses- The two-week Acuvue Oasys lenses contain Silicone hydrogel material (Senofilcon A). These lenses can be used for up to 15 days and then must be discarded.

iii) Monthly disposable lenses- These are the most recently introduced lenses and contain senofilcon C. They last longer and do not cause eye infections if extended over a week before the deadline. 

Why should one use contact lenses?

Many doctors and researchers have said that contact lenses provide more natural eyesight than spectacles as they cause less distortion of peripheral vision. There is no extra blind eye region on the corner of your eyes since lenses are directly placed on the pupil. Contact lenses are the perfect fit for athletes, gym freaks, and dancers since they allow you to move freely. Spectacles cause extra weight to the face and tend to fall when moved aggressively. Another added advantage is not having to worry about the lenses fogging up. The necessity for the removal of spectacles and cleaning of the dust is eliminated with the use of contact lenses. This is especially helpful during the covid times since the mask makes the spectacles foggy. 

Keeping the health benefits aside, contact lenses can also be used for cosmetic purposes. They are available in different colours and sizes, adding volume to a person’s pupil. Cat-eyed, hazel, grey, and blue-eyed are the most widely purchased lenses worldwide. Fashion influencers and celebrities use coloured lenses to match their outfit or look for the day. Getting hazel brown eyes is not so difficult after all. 

Careful use of contact lenses

One should always wash hands before coming touching the lenses as they are pretty sensitive to dust. If dirty hands come in contact with lenses, it causes eye irritation and dryness. Hence, one must use the lenses with clean hands. Long nails are not recommended for removal as they are sharp and cut through the lenses. They also contain dirt that is harmful to the eyes. 

The lenses should be stored in a lens box with the lens solution. The lens solution has to be changed daily or every alternate day to ensure cleanliness. Washing eyes with lukewarm water after removing lenses is advised to keep the eyes hydrated and clean. 

Procedure to use contact lenses

There is a straightforward procedure to follow while using contact lenses. Place the lens on the index finger. Expand your eye with the other hand and slowly place the lens in any part of the eye. Close the eyes and rotate the pupil for about 30 seconds to ensure that the lens is in place.

It is essential to consult a doctor before using contact lenses as every eye is sensitive to different things. 

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