How To Keep Your UGG Slippers Clean Without Damaging Them?

UGG boots and slippers are less of a fashion statement and more of a comfortable choice for Australian men and women. UGG products are now in high demand and are expected to see a global market valuation of AUD 5.6 billion by 2028

Although, these products are made of premium materials such as suede, sheepskin, leather, etc., you need to employ special techniques to clean your footwear. 

To know more about cleaning your UGG slippers, read on!

Must have care package to keep your slippers clean

UGG products are generally made of delicate yet high-end materials, such as fashion suede, sheepskin, leather, etc. Therefore, you must have these products designed particularly to take special care of your slippers.

Even if these kits can be expensive, they offer significant value in the long run. An ideal UGG slippers cleaning and care kit includes. 

  • Cleaner and conditioner 
  • Protector 
  • Shoe renew 
  • Suede scuff eraser
  • Bamboo handle brush 

These products are usually available in bundles, further cutting costs.

Cleaning your UGG footwear: A guide

You might not even be wearing your UGG slippers outside. If you don’t, you need to keep them plump, soft, and clean to extend their life. 

Cleaning them isn’t particularly a tedious road to navigate, but it demands caution. Here are a few general steps to take proper care of your slippers. 

  • Use cold water to moisten your slippers. 
  • Pour some conditioner and cleaner onto a wet sponge and clean. 
  • Since the slipper material is delicate, especially sheepskin, you need to remember to avoid scrubbing aggressively. 
  • Use cold water to rinse the slippers. 
  • Allow the slippers to dry in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Consider placing balled up newspapers to help the slippers retain their shape. 
  • Apply protectant spray once the slippers are completely dry. Spray it by keeping the bottle around 6 inches away in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Use the soft side of a suede brush and lightly brush in one direction to restore the original appearance. 

If you do wear your slippers outside, here are a few in-depth pointers to keep them clean without using UGG cleaners. 

Cleaning the outside of your UGGs

  • Wash your UGGs on the cold wash, delicate cycle in your washing machine. 
  • In the case of handwash, you can apply conditioner and shampoo on a damp cloth and scrub the slippers. 

Cleaning the inside of your UGGS

  • Clean the insides of your slippers with a good scrub from a damp cloth. 
  • You can also use detergent or a mild soap with the cloth to add more softness. Make sure that the chemical you use is odourless and colourless. 

What is the best way to clean your slippers?

Handwashing is, without a doubt, the best way to clean your slippers. Avoid putting them in a  washer, and don’t even think about sending them to the dry cleaners. 

The delicate material of these slippers demands special care, which is best given by UGG shampoos and conditioners paired with a damp sponge or cloth.

You can still throw them in the washer on the cold wash, delicate setting, but the wash quality will differ considerably compared to a handwash. 

Wrapping up

Maintaining your slippers isn’t tedious, but it does need extra attention. Follow the tips mentioned in the above articles closely to take good care of your slippers and extend their life significantly. 

In essence, allow your slippers to look the part for a considerably longer period with proper care!

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