How is a Carport better than a Garage?

When you invest your hard-earned money in your dream car, it becomes necessary to do the best for its maintenance and protection. Vehicles can face mechanical breakdowns due to carelessness in safeguarding them. 

Carports are great options to protect your vehicles if you don’t have the luxury of space to construct garages. The sections below explain why one can opt for a carport instead of a garage. 

What is a Carport?

In simple language, Carports are sheds consisting of beams and poles to give it a structure of the roof and surrounding walls in the garage. These are easy to modify as per the space and needs of an individual. 

One can invest in a large, medium, or small carport as per the space required by the vehicle. 

How is a Carport different from a Garage?

A garage is a brick-and-mortar structure with proper walls and a fully functional shutter to protect the vehicle in poor weather conditions. 

A carport is a free-standing structure with at least two open sides protecting your vehicle from rain and harsh sunlight. 

The differentiating factors of a carport that makes it a better option are

  • Less investment
  • It can also work as a storage unit
  • It doesn’t require shutters
  • Easy to expand or modify

Just like garages, one can find multiple options in Carports too. The following section discusses choosing a carport as per one’s requirements. 

Different Types of Carports

A significant feature in a carport is complete protection in all weather conditions. Let’s analyse the different options available in a carport and their benefits.

  • Metal Carport: This is one of the most durable options and can endure harsh weather better than other materials. It could be a little expensive but gives better value for years. 
  • Open-sided Carport: This design will be available with walls and without walls. The one with walls is more expensive because of investment in a larger coverage area and is worth the investment.
  • Fabric Carport: This is similar to a heavy-duty vehicle cover but in an improvised form. It is less expensive and can work as a flexible storage unit outside your home. However, a fabric carport will not be as strong as other options mentioned in this list. 
  • Attached carport: This is one of the most innovative ways to invest in a carport if you’re running on a tight budget. It also gives the feel of a garage because it is directly attached to your home. It becomes easier to configure it with a burglar alarm and provides better protection to your vehicle.  

The best carport is the one that completely fits your requirements and is durable in the long run. It is also essential to understand the best way to choose a carport to invest in it wisely. 

How to Choose the Best Carport? 

Different options for a carport are curated by looking at other factors that might affect it. You can consider these two factors before investing in a carport.

  • Wind load: This determines the force of the wind it can endure based on the materials used to construct a carport. It has an essential role in keeping the metal sheet and beams intact during heavy winds. 
  • Snow Load: This is the amount of snow it can sustain without compromising the vehicle’s safety. Of course, a fabric carport does not have a good snow load rating, but a metal carport will do the job perfectly. 


If you stay in an area that receives plenty of snowfall and gets hugely windy, you must consider investing in an attached metal carport with walls. 

This will protect your vehicle, increase your home’s value, and cater to storage area requirements. 

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