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Best Easter Basket Ideas For Preschoolers

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Easter is when kids, tiny ones in preschool, get very excited. They look forward to hunting for eggs, eating chocolate bunnies, and finding surprises in their Easter baskets. In this article, we’ll explore some great Easter basket ideas perfect for preschoolers. These ideas are not only fun but also suitable for kids of their age.

Traditional Easter Basket Essentials

Now, let’s discuss the classic items that make Easter baskets unique. These are the things that never go out of style and always bring smiles to kids’ faces:

Easter Eggs 

You can fill these eggs with small candies or tiny toys. It’s like a little treasure hunt for kids!

Chocolate Bunnies 

Every Easter basket needs a sweet treat, and chocolate bunnies make a perfect choice. Look for tiny, delectable chocolate bunnies. These treats not only taste yummy but also add a touch of cuteness to the basket, making it extra special.

Plush Stuffed Animals 

Soft and cuddly plush stuffed animals in Easter themes are a great addition. These toys provide comfort and endless playtime fun for kids. Whether it’s a plush bunny, chick, or lamb, these huggable companions add a cozy and lovable touch to the Easter festivities.

Easter Books 

These are books about Easter that kids can enjoy reading. They have pictures and stories that make Easter even more exciting.

Creative Easter Basket Fillers

To make Easter baskets more exciting, let’s think of some unique and creative things to put in them that preschoolers will like:

Art Supplies 

Art supplies are the tools that allow kids to express their creativity and have fun. These include crayons, coloring books, and craft kits. With these, children can draw, color, and create art, letting their imagination run wild.

Outdoor Toys 

These include bubbles, jump ropes, or colorful chalk for drawing on sidewalks. Kids can have a blast playing outside with these.

Puzzles and Games 

These are unique puzzles and games made for kids their age. They’re lots of fun and help kids learn while they play.

Educational Toys 

Educational toys serve a dual purpose: they provide enjoyment and help kids learn new things. These toys stimulate creativity and curiosity, making learning a fun and interactive experience for children.

Easter-themed Treats And Snacks

Easter-themed treats and snacks can be a real treat for kids. Here are some yummy ideas:

Easter-shaped Cookies 

Consider baking or purchasing delightful cookies designed in cute bunny and egg shapes. Not only are they fun to look at, but they also taste delicious, making them a sweet addition to your child’s Easter basket.

Fruit Snacks 

These are snacks made from fruits, and they come in fun bunny or egg shapes. They’re a healthier option for kids.

Marshmallow Treats 

Whip up special rice krispie treats shaped like bunnies and eggs. These gooey and delightful confections will surely bring smiles to your little one’s face as they indulge in the Easter festivities.

Non-Candy Alternatives

If you’re worried about giving too much candy or if your child has allergies, here are some alternatives that don’t involve sweets:


Stickers are small, colorful pictures with Easter designs that kids can peel and stick on notebooks, cards, or drawings. They’re a fun way for kids to add a touch of Easter to their belongings.


Easter-themed socks are not just comfy for little feet; they also come with a calm bunny or chick designs that make them look extra special. Your child can wear them to feel festive from head to toe.

Hair Accessories 

These are things like hair clips or bands with bunny or chick designs. Kids can use them to make their hair look pretty.

Miniature Toys 

These are small toys that are just right for kids their age. They’re fun to play with and fit nicely in Easter baskets.

Personalizing Your Preschooler’s Easter Basket

Adding a personal touch to your child’s Easter basket can make it even more special. Here’s how:

Adding their Name 

Consider getting a unique Easter basket personalized with your child’s name. This special touch makes the basket exclusively theirs, adding an extra delight to the Easter surprise.

Favorite Colors and Characters 

When selecting items for the basket, choose things in your child’s beloved colors or featuring their favorite characters. This personalization makes the basket more tailored to their preferences, enhancing their Easter experience.

Incorporating Hobbies 

Think about what your child enjoys doing. You can include items related to their hobbies to make the basket memorable.

Easter Basket Safety Tips

Safety is paramount when making Easter baskets for preschoolers. Here are some essential things to keep in mind:

Age-Appropriate Toys 

 It’s important to pick toys that are just right for their age. Toys that are too advanced might frustrate them, while ones that are too simple might bore them. Choosing toys for kids their age ensures they can play and have fun safely.

Avoiding Choking Hazards 

Small objects can be risky because kids might put them in their mouths. Select items too big to be swallowed and keep them safe, reducing the risk of choking accidents.

Food Allergy Awareness 

If your child has food allergies, take a close look at the treats you plan to include. Make sure they don’t contain any ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction. Safety is the priority regarding food choices for your child’s Easter basket.

Are Easter Baskets Religious?

Easter baskets are not inherently religious. They are a cultural tradition associated with the holiday, often filled with candies, eggs, and gifts, used for Easter egg hunts and gift-giving. While Easter itself has religious significance for Christians, the baskets are more of a secular and fun aspect of the holiday, enjoyed by people of various beliefs.

How To Make An Easter Basket For A Long-Distance Friend Or Family Member?

To make an Easter basket for a long-distance friend or family member, first select a basket or a container. Fill it with Easter goodies like chocolates, candies, small toys, and maybe an Easter card. Pack it securely and consider using a service like mail or a delivery app to send it to your loved one’s address, including a heartfelt note or message to brighten their Easter from afar.


Creating the perfect Easter basket for your preschooler doesn’t have to be complicated. By including traditional favorites, getting creative with fillers, and personalizing the basket, you can make this Easter a memorable one for your child. Just remember to prioritize safety and consider your child’s unique preferences. With these Easter basket ideas, you’re sure to bring joy and excitement to your preschooler’s holiday celebration.

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