All About High Visibility Clothing

People working in industries that pose a high risk to their physical safety require high-visibility clothing. The clothes make workers more visible to others when working in places like construction sites or near moving vehicles. They have reflective material, which makes the workers easily visible from a distance. Many women work in hazardous working environments; they require women’s high vis clothes. Chances of injuries and accidents are high when women don’t wear the correct workwear. Generally, all high vis clothes are in bright and fluorescent colours, which make the workers stand out in the darkness and among vehicles. It also has bands of shiny reflective material, which helps people to spot the wearer in any light conditions.

Who needs high-visibility clothing?

  • Construction workers
  • Workers on busy roads
  • Survey crews
  • Heavy industry workers
  • Security guards
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Airport ground crews
  • Heavy industry workers
  • Warehouse workers

Why do people need high-visibility clothes?

Workers must be visible to others during the night and in bad weather conditions. Safety of the workers on the job site is essential. Therefore, high visibility clothes are needed in workplaces with risks caused by poor visibility, moving vehicles and low light conditions. These clothes are necessary for people working the night shift.

What to look for in high-visibility clothes?

Durable: People need to wear high-visibility clothing to their workplace every day. They need to be durable to last for a long time. High-quality material lasts for a long time, and low-quality fades or rips soon.

Washable: High vis clothes are made of washable materials. However, bleach or harsh detergents are not to be used on them as the reflective stripes can get damaged.

Reflectivity: The reflective bars on the high vis clothes should reflect light during the night and daytime. They must be visible from all directions. 

Comfortable: Safety clothes must keep the workers comfortable. They need to have straps to adjust the garment, and they don’t have rough edges that can irritate the skin.

Pockets: High visibility clothes are worn by workers when they do busy work. They must have pockets that are easily accessible and big enough to hold pens, tools and mobile phones. 

Classes of safety clothes

Class 1: These clothes are for people working in low-impact areas like delivery drivers and parking attendants. People wearing these clothes work in places where there are many moving vehicles.

Class 2: This high-visibility clothing is designed for industrial workplaces. The clothes make the wearer visible to others in the daytime and nighttime. For example, they are worn by airport ground crew and toll booth operators.

Class 3: These clothes are also intended for use by industrial workers. However, they offer powerful protection against high temperatures and chemicals. Emergency responders and railway workers wear them.

Women’s safety clothes

Jackets: High visibility jackets are designed specifically for a woman’s body. It makes women look good and feel comfortable and safe. They are available in many colours and provide protection and warmth.

Pants: High visibility pants are designed to keep women confident and comfortable in their workplace. They fit well and are available in several sizes to suit all women workers.

Gloves: High visibility safety gloves improve the visibility of the worker working in areas with many moving equipment and vehicles. In addition, the gloves are in bright colours to be easily visible to others. They protect the hands and prevent them from getting crushed accidentally.

Basically, women’s high vis clothes are available in several styles, colours and sizes. However, the most significant factor in choosing safety clothes is they must make the wearer feel comfortable and be easily visible to others. Moreover, employers must ensure that their women employees are safe and comfortable in their workplace.

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