5 Reasons Why You Need to Stock Up on Chocolate Truffles

You may have been convinced that sweets and all things sugar are evil incarnate for your body. This is a gross exaggeration, and there is nothing harmful in indulging in an occasional scoop of ice cream or a box of chocolate truffles

Unlike everything else you can use to satiate your sweet tooth, rich and decadent chocolate has more benefits than any other sugared-up dessert. If you have never tried the goodness of a chocolate truffle, it combines chocolate and cream. Each bite melts in your mouth along with many customisations that chocolatiers make. 

If you are wondering if keeping a box of truffles in your kitchen is worth it, here are reasons to convince you.  

#1 Brings Down Your Blood Pressure 

Life is stressful — there is no denying that. Prolonged exposure to stress can wreak havoc on your body. One of the side effects of being stressed is an increase in blood pressure. However, research has shown that the flavanols in cacao help produce nitric oxide, which can improve the dilation of blood vessels. So if you feel your blood pressure mounting, place a truffle or two in your mouth, try to relax, and see what happens. 

#2 Improved Mental Performance 

Chocolates and intimacy have always been associated in some way. Besides being used as a marketing strategy, consuming chocolates stimulates the brain like an orgasm. When your brain is flooded with endorphins, you think better and more clearly. Besides improving your mental performance, endorphins also make you happy. So from a bite of truffle, you get an improved mood and cognition. That’s a win-win situation. 

#3 Keep Strokes and Heart Attacks at Bay 

Admittedly, chocolates have high saturated fat content. However, the stearic acid found in cocoa helps lower your cholesterol levels. In addition, various researches have shown that chocolate helps lower the risk of heart conditions and stroke. This is indirectly connected to the flavanols that help open up the blood vessels for improved circulation. 

#4 Chance for Experimentation 

Depending on how you place an order for your box of truffles, you can have numerous flavours covered in chocolate. You can open a box with a skilled chocolatier and be surprised at the flavour combinations that meet your tongue. Unlike other desserts or snacks, chocolate truffles can keep it interesting by opening your palate to a broader range of tastes. Some chocolatiers will even let you make your own choices regarding the filling and allow you to customise the flavours.

#5 Can Be a Lifesaver 

Chocolate truffles are a heavenly creation. Apart from something you can quickly pop in your mouth for a burst of flavour, they also make great gifts. From your partner to your parents, truffles work for any occasion, and it is always handy to have some on standby for gifting emergencies.  

Simply Tasty

Diet culture might tell you to stay off sugar and saturated fats, but you don’t have to. Intuitive eating has so much more benefits in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the pristine condition of your body than any hack diet culture suggests. This is why you need to have that truffle when you like eating one. Classifying particular food as forbidden or a special treat makes you crave it more and ruins self-control. 

Enjoy a truffle, savour the chocolate, and you will be all the healthier for it. Grab a box today!

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